HOW TO PULL OFF THE DRESS-OVER-JEANS TREND February 16, 2015 – Posted in: General, New clothes – Tags: , , ,

Layering a dress-over-jeans is one of those trends that comes in and out of style every few years, tempting you to give it a try every time.

Throughout the fashion world and into this spring, women have swapped out their statement tops for full-blown dresses, crafting a fresh way to deal with finicky weather while also making their wardrobe work double time. It’s easy to tire of  jeans, not to mention they feel paper thin in the cold. Reinvigorate them and add a warmth by layering a dress over the top.


There’s one trick that fashion girls everywhere are using to style their dresses in Spring, and it all comes down to layering. While a dress is pretty and feminine on its own–maybe even sexy–when pulled on over pants, jeans, shorts, or a dress, the style gets a cool new lease on life.

Well, the dress-over-jeans trend can easily be worn when out with your girls, on a night out with friends, or a date? Yes, you can!

Ready to try it for yourself? Consider this post permission to just throw a dress over your jeans this holiday season. Well, maybe not “just.” There are a few guidelines we’d like to share first. Here are the primary ways in which the style-setters are pulling off this perfectly lovely and practical look:

    Or make a fancy dress less-so with your denim.

Ripped jeans get an instant upgrade courtesy of a hi-low hem dress.

Next level layering alert: a tunic over a dress (cinched at the waist!), jeans adds interest to your look.

Pair a velvet thigh high slit dress day with two-tone pants and white pumps.


Wear the dress-over-jeans trend by balancing a tent-like dress with straight leg jeans and mid-heel boots.